Strength United Myanmar Co.,Ltd (SU) is a business service provider, starting with the business matching services since 2009 with premium quality & high recommended service provider by the customers.

As soon as Myanmar is reforming its policy and well system of governance, there are a lot of new opportunities are opened up in economic sectors for international investors. Currently, the international investors can grab the new market opportunities of Recent government movement for opening of Myanmar market to foreigner.

By catching this opportunities, SU is developing a customized matching service dedicated to assist both Myanmar local investors & international investors to facilitate upon their market expending & new market development.  The matching strategy is created by identifying and pre-screening potential business partner according to the investor’s requirements.

SU guaranty, this is the investor’s solution to the success of your business worldwide through the business matching service.

Recent Government Movement for opening of Myanmar market to foreigner
As Myanmar is reforming to democratic, a lot of transformation is dramatically rising up in several sectors. Especially, economic sector is identifiably open up and change to market economy from last year. Since Myanmar is converting its policy, EU and United States beginning to lift up their economic sanctions gradually.

Now Myanmar is going on its route in inviting foreign investment and updating legal and regulatory framework in economic policies for foreign investors. In 2012, Foreign Investment Law was clearly drawn and issued.

The economic system is changing monopoly to public sector. Thus, the significant transforming and the economic opportunity are increasing worldwide trading and manufacturing. Myanmar government is opening the economic opportunity not only to local investors but also to foreign investors in the following sectors:

The special economic zones are also operating to promote speedy flow in and out products and goods. The chart given below is the industrial and special economic zones which were established and will establish very soon in Myanmar;
What advantage of Myanmar market and latent positive factors
Why it is proper time to start alliance
As mention above, we could see a rapid transformation in business and more industrialize in Myanmar. There are numerous opportunities to establish and cooperate with development projects in industrial zones and infrastructure which are directed from government and private companies.
However, only less number of investors are coming into Myanmar for market analysis whether to launch their investment immediate or wait for some moment of political settlement. At the same time, government is going on the development process as their project plans and demand investors who can collaborate manufacturing products, technical and technicians support.
Myanmar is going to open capital markets by 2015, nevertheless, it is a premium time to invest in Myanmar for the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment Law), legal and regulatory framework firmly stands for investors to do business legally in Myanmar market by cooperating with local investor. The benefit for cooperate with local companies are a smaller amount costing in human resource, time and management implement.
By operating with the alliance in very recent will provide the great opportunity market survey and also the extensive market for future fiscal. When the other companies are start effort their market emerges and try to survive in later year, the first settler companies will be sustain without struggle for survive in the markets once they know how to play in Myanmar economic. Moreover, the working process can easily do because of the project period for economic reform, development and proper tax control system as well.

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